cyberboy666 & user43368831 presents



surreal early computer animation with Beny Tchaicovsky’s CYBERSCAPE (1997)


FEATURE: The Visitor (1979)


“A leaking lava lamp of insanity”

An inexplicably star-studded Italian space oddity from the (otherwise unknown) 8 1/2 assistant director Giulio Paradisi (but credited as his alter-ego Michael J. Paradise). an acid-tinged tangle of regurgitated hollywood horror/scifi:

“an intergalactic warrior who joins a cosmic Christ figure in battle against a demonic 8-year-old girl, and her pet hawk, while the fate of the universe hangs in the balance. Multi-dimensional warfare, pre-adolescent profanity and brutal avian attacks combine to transport the viewer to a state unlike anything they’ve experienced… somewhere between Hell, the darkest reaches of outer space, and Atlanta, GA.” -DrafthouseFilms

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