cyberboy666 & user43368831 presents



ACTUALLY HUIZENGA’s Lo-fi musical home movie VIKING ANGEL (2014)


FEATURE: Troma’s Superstarlet A.D. (2000)


Troma presents: Superstarlet A.D. (2000)

shot on 16mm for $16,000 with 16 starlets over 16 days…

a post-apocalypstick world.. men are cavemen and women rule! they have broken off into cult factions based on the colour of their hair… They search the remains of our civilization in lingerie looking for ammunition and burlesque films made by their grandmothers…

a tongue in cheek homage to Russ Meyer era sexplotation ? a hidden gem of low-budget experimental film-making ? a painfully cringy (& morally questionable) reinforcement of the woman-with-guns genre flick ? im not sure - but it definitely sounds strange!