fu:bar is the longest running glitch-art fesival - a celebration of errors in Zagreb, Croatia, that aims to gather contemporary glitch artists from all around the globe. This year again the festival was held completely online

I was invited to present and screen an old video piece TWO MUSHROOMS KNOCKING and partake in a panel disussion as part of their GLITCH CINEMA programme:

“GLITCH CINEMA: Poetic & critical embrace of noise & error In the beginning there was noise – thus writes Rosa Menkman in her influential Glitch Studies Manifesto (2011), a work that laid the foundations for the critical exploration of art works that incorporate noise & error as a means to examine and interrupt the normative function of the image and the media itself. These works do not only present pleasurable aesthetic objects (because, yes, dirty glitch can be indeed very pretty) - they also act as a magnifying glass drawing attention to the material basis of the technology used to reproduce moving images, whether it be celluloid, analogue video or digital apparatus. Using various means to distort the recognisable imagery (celluloid scratching, data bending, images generated by artificial intelligence etc.), they bring us exciting, vibrant, noisy and utmost dirty alternative visions that radically challenge the dominating clean, sterile imagery of contemporary digital cinema. As such, they pose fundamental questions regarding the political nature of technology, image and the reality itself. This program will showcase eight eye and mind-bending contemporary audiovisual works that offer a journey through myriad of creative & critical uses of glitch in different media (celluloid, analogue video, digital format) followed by the Q&A discussion with the artists.” - Ejla Kovačević, curator

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