cyberboy666 & user43368831 presents


my exploration seires of video-art shorts were made to explore the aesthetics of new gear in my setup

exploration #1

Ian Matthews and i started poking around (carefully) inside a vhs player. i made a short using this and a damaged bowie cassette i found:


exploration #2 (corporate sponsorship)

video made with a simple diy vga-synth i started building as part of a work hackathon:

exploration #3

some ps1 circuit bending, would later use this in my interactive glitch-art installation Parasitic Circuitry:

exploration #4

experiments with symmetry and video synthesis (first plays on my edirol v4). inspired by moments from a improvised hardware jam with leo and laurence

exploration #5

i finally got around to building my cfog video equations and managed to track down a korg entrancer = 8-bit graphics and 90s rave aesthetics !

exploration #6

video inspired by my live liquid light set at Backyard Session accompanying Henry’s (BE.) dreamy compositions