cyberboy666 & user43368831 presents

Polyphase Portal

Polyphase Portal is a new media-art collective and educational online space

together with some friends, organizers and educators we are creating a new online space to host educational programmes such as talks, live-streams, workshops and multi-week courses. taking encouragement from the success of PHASE SPACE in NYC we are aiming to facilitate accessible non-hierarchical learning over open and ethical technology – find out more at & join the polyphase mailing list to stay in the loop!


to facilitate learning we will be running our own virtual classroom server - - powered by a custom instance of BigBlueButton

we will also be running the polyphase chatroom - - powered by matrix chat and a wiki - powered by bookstack

a few foundations of analog video on breadboard

design and build your own vga-synthesizer!

an interactive six part online course with cyberboy666

this winter i plan to debut a new 6 week online course about making video-art with electronics.

it will involve receiving a kit by mail of specific electronic components and breadboards and then building modules with them together each lesson

there is more information and promo material avaliable plus a waitlist sign-up form here