cyberboy666 & user43368831 presents

building an x0xb0x bass synth

i am interested in electronic music history/hardware/diy

this project; building from kit, a open-sourced clone of the (in)famous TB303 is the intersection of all three of the above !


getting started

in 2018, it seems the most active place to buy anything x0xbox related is they sell ‘essential’ kits which contains

all other parts can be obtained easily from a prepared mouser cart:

there are links on the site to build docs and case assembly

getting started

spending $$

update on sourcing the parts: the parts that are in stock at mouser should be on their way soon. from the 6 parts that they are out of stock with, 1 is a diode that i already have, 2 are electrolight capactitors, and 2 are film capactitors that i can order easily from elsewhere (thinking of tayda for some other parts anyway although digikey probably has them aswell).

the last part which is proving problematic is a EEPROM serial ic (dip-8) called: CAT25320LI-G. this has a 7 week wait time from mouser, and i can not find it on ali or anywhere that ships to nz easily. ebay had a few bu looking in the 15 - 25 dollar range. digikey has it in stock but will charge $25 shipping to nz for orders under $65. the two options for x0xb0x is to either order some other parts from digikey for another project (a eurorack module perhaps ?) or wait for mouser to get the parts in. for now i will wait, build the beach power supply in meantime, and if i want to order parts for something else i will see what it comes to through digikey.

update on parts: the difficult part came instock on mouser and i got it shipped instantly. this ment i had to ditch the other parts in that order, but will order them now from tayda. once these arrive i will have everything i need for this build ! (the bench power supply is almost ready - got everything except the enclosure, then just need to put it together)