cyberboy666 & user43368831 presents

almost 2 years ago i decided i wanted to diy a website for my art-projects. my brother Ben and i spent a weekend deciding on the stack, learning some tools and having a go at laying down some foundations.

i had hoped i would fill this with some blog posts / project logs etc, but never had the time. i am keen to have another go at this , however my concept for the sites design has changed and i need to rework a bit of the foundation and relearn what we started.

the stack :

we decided to take advantage of github pages , free static website hosting , powered by jekyll , using yaml , markdown , scss , html etc…

some things i wanted from this website project :

this stack seems to fit this bill - i create the foundation , then just need to write md files to auto generate new pages for the site. since i want one site with multiple pages it makes sense to use my github account site for this project.

the (new) design idea

i want the homepage to be a fixed scrolling type - aprox a screen-sized picture(link) per project (the name will be part of the picture) , when this is hovered on some text info about the project will appear. when clicked these will direct to subpages for each project. some of these subpages will contain their own subpages (eg diy projects might link to multiple projects) others will just expand when more infomation is available.


making a start

25/05 - today , besides thinking about the design , i also installed ruby and jekyll and got the site running locally on my machine. i then started researching mainly about sass/scss which i want to make use of while writing this site