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eurorack research

since i plan on building a number of video and audio units it seems necessary to try implement some standards around supplying power , size , transport , communication , etc .

eurorack is a popular standard for modular synth systems. it makes sense to build to this for my own projects so i have some experience if i ever want to create tools for others. there is a learning curve to eurorack but should make things easier in the long run.

i want to document my exploration into diying for eurorack. a larger list of project ideas, and useful information is already there.

open source hardware

one of the other draws to the eurorack format is its close association with the open source hardware movement. this definition written by Open Source Hardware Association is based on the idea of Open Source Software and is used as a successful buseness model by a number of eurorack module makers. a good introduction to the open eurorack scene is described in a four part blog by Horizontal Pitch. advantages of this format are discussed by Create Digital Music and Music Things Modular blog. i would like to learn about designing, building, selling and contributing to this community. a good way to start would be to create a eurorack system, build existing open modules, build my own hacky projects to spec + licience / credit them correctly.

eurorack case

starting small , i would like to try 3d printing a frame and rails , thus creating useful resources for entering modular at lowest cost . 3d printing is an interesing option to explore but is probably easier to start with some plywood screwed to a case.(an example of 3d rails here , a plastic crate case as described on morocco daves blog he also describes using makerbeam for his rails , which is an alternative to the real thing from synthrotek. both seem quite expensive to get shipped to nz. heres more info about rails including the specs and measurements of the commonly used ones you can buy.

eurorack power supply

this seems to be somewhat complicated and buying something might be easier than diy-ing but i would like to do some research on this. a diy build is described on mfos blog which looks like it will be good for me. different options depending on the size / use case :

(if you plan to use lots of expensive gear it is safer/better to buy a serious power supply/ kit like case power )

euro project idea

existing projects

there are a bunch of projects, resources and ideas around the internet to choose from. heres a list of some ideas:

personal projects

more of these on [diying-for-eurorack] page