cyberboy666 & user43368831 presents

i am going to try following this project

bench power

these are some of the parts i might need :

PART NOTE cost (usd) in stock
Step Down Transformer (24V, 3A) i couldnt find this from ali so will have to get from jaycar 34nzd no - need to get from jaycar
DIY Power Supply Kit from ali 4.74 yes
Heat Sink and Fan from ali 2.47 yes
Volt-Amp Panel Meter from ali 2.57 yes
Potentiometer Knob i have these n/a yes
Buck Converter not sure if i will want this n/a n/a
USB Port same as above n/a n/a
Binding Post Banana Plug ~i might have these / want a different plug~ decided to stick with ali 1.46 yes
IEC3 Power Socket from ali .89 no
Rocker Switch 10x from ali 1.37 no
Green LED i have leds n/a yes
LED Holder 20x from ali 1.5 yes
Heat shrink Tube 130x from ali 1.96 yes
Self Adhesive Rubber feet 40x from ali 1.87 yes
3D printing filament-PLA need to contribute some koha for projects n/a  

in total these parts (including quite a few extra parts for the backlog) comes to : ~18 usd -> ~27 nzd + transformer for 34nzd bringing total for project to around $60

next step:

the parts are ordered - i look forward to putting it together once they arrive. note: completing this is (kinda) blocking work on the x0xb0x synth as i will want to use it while making that kit.

i can still work on the encloser before then though


most of the parts have arrived. just need the encloser printed and to buy the transformer from jaycar. i have soldered together the circuit from the kit. just need to put everything together now (once the case and final parts are ready)

28/05 UPDATE

the enclosure has been designed in fusion360 and the transformer has been purchased. need to get enclosure printed then just a matter of assembly.